How to Undo Sent Emails On Gmail

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It’s amusing that till date many of us are not aware of “ How to Undo Their Sent Emails On Gmail “  if it had been already sent with some unnoticed / unintentional errors  or by forgetting someone to be kept on loop on it . 
Well, this one is especially for all the email geeks, Email Undo option is already made available on Gmail since 2009, but until today the undo option would just delay sending of your email for just five seconds by default. But now, this following week Google announced on their blog that Undo Feature is becoming an official setting on their Gmail Interface. 

Now Google lets the users choose if they want to hold their mail for 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds more prior to its delivery to the receiver. 

How to enable this setting to your account:- 

Step 1:- Login to your Gmail account.

Step 2:- Click settings icon on the right top corner.

Step 3:- There you can find Undo Send option or Click CTRL + F in your keyboard and type Undo Send then it will show it.

Step 4:- Click Enable Undo send and send cancellation period time as you wish. 

Unfortunately Undo Send is not available for mobile, so you are out of luck if want to undo an email you sent via phone. 

However this “ Undo Send “ option is not like Outlook’s recall option where  you can recall it after mail is sent or gets delivered.

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