How to use Facebook list?


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The default setting of facebook automatically generates “Close Friends”, “Acquaintances”, “Family”, “Your City”, “Your Collage” and “Restricted”.

How to add peoples in the default list:-

It’s very easy and simple to do. Just click the list and look on the right side you will found a box which shows “+Add friends to this list”, click and type the name and add them to the list.

How to create a new list:-

In your left side of the your Facebook home page you can find the friends or if you not find anything like that then you can find more at the bottom of left side, click more there you can find Create List you can create your own list and your friends circle in it.

How to add Interests list:-

To get started to Interests look down the left side bottom of your Facebook homepage. Click more to open and create list and select people and pages to feature in your list and name the list, select option who can see this list. That’s it done you can enjoy your interests in once place and in a one click 🙂 .
Video Tutorials : 

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