Opera Max, A Saviour To Your Internet Data Packs


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Opera Max, A Saviour To Your Internet Data Packs


The popular Opera Browser released a new app called “ Opera Max “, which would save your mobile and Wifi Internet data. What does Opera Max actually do? It compresses data on its servers before sending it to your phone. The company already uses the same method on its developed browser “ Opera Mini “, but this time it not only compresses text information but it also compresses the video, photos, advertisements, web pages and other types of data which consumes a high internet data for it’s appropriate functioning.

It may sound odd but we are still living in a world where all of us are using restricted internet data usage of 1 GB or to the max 2 GB per month where many of them till date are unable to know or understand where the internet data goes and on what basis are those getting deducted from their account ?! Well, if you are one among them, then this OperaMax is going to answer to all your questions related to it.

Opera Max lets you see which are the apps using your data and when and even its size. There is also a function to block apps from using your data when not in use, so now the internet data can be kept under control.

Opera Max is available for free for Android users and you can download it from the Google PlayStore (Click Opera Max which is mentioned in this paragraph to go the link).

How to use it ?, it is very simple to use. Once you have download, all you need to do is open the app and you need to enable it, then you can go and do your routine tasks as usual. There are no overcomplicated processes for the internet users.


How to block apps ?, If you want to block the apps which are consuming unnecessary or more internet data using apps , Just click the app which is showing on home screen of the app and there you can see block on Wifi / Mobile data enable it by clicking on the checkbox.


How to block the app which is not showing on home screen? All you need to do is to go to the block apps page and touch any app on the left to block it from using data. As simple as that. Enjoy more usage of your internet packs now.

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