Ease Of Access To Your Recent Files, Websites & Folders On Windows 10


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Ease of Access To Your Recent Files And Websites

The latest launched Windows 10 has made certain tasks so easier to their users than it was ever before in its other versions, one among them is the Ease of Access to your recent files and websites on just a single click.

This feature will be very helpful and time saving for most of the Windows 10 users.

In lay man’s opinion and view there had always been a difficulty for quickly accessing to your recently used files and the other one is to access your favorite websites or folders as well.

1. Quickly Access Your Recently Used Files:-

This one is very simple. To view recently used files all you have to do is click the This PC icon and then first option Quick access there you can find your recently used 20 files and frequently used folders at one shot.

2. Easy Access To Your Most Visited and Favorite Websites / Folders :-

Getting through this option on the other version of windows was inexplicable which was very time consuming. Whereas, It’s a Piece of Cake On Windows 10.

• All you need to do is Pin your favorite browser alongwith the file explorer which will be pinned by default on the taskbar.
• Now go to the pinned browser icon and right click it then it will show most viewed websites.
• If you want to open it then you need to right click the name it will show open and that’s it.
• If you want to pin it on your browser then just place the mouse cursor at the most viewed website you want to Pin, then it will show a Pin icon & click on it to Pin .
The above mentioned steps are applicable and can be followed for Folders as well.

Below Screenshot is for your reference:-

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