How To Bookmark Links on Facebook


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How To Bookmark Links on Facebook

The social networking website Facebook has launched a new tool featuring on each post which enables you to save or bookmark the viewed content, so that it can be read later at any point of time.

Most of the Facebook users are unaware of this new enabled feature which might be helpful to all those who always stick around poking onto other’s walls with their videos and either watch it for fun or would love to watch them often as sweet memories.

If you are just keeping yourself busy or occupied most of the time and don’t get time to watch stuffs on Facebook regularly , then this feature is especially made for you to bookmark the content and to view it later whenever the time could be spared for it .

How to make use of this feature:-

Tap the down facing arrow on the top right corner of the post, photos, video or events which you wish to save for viewing it later and then select save in the list. You can find the saved contents under favorite selection which will be on the left sidebar of the screen for desktop users and for mobile user it will be on the right side.

Below Screenshot is for your reference : –

Enjoy. Cheers 😉

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