How To Make Your Whatsapp Work Faster


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How To Make Your Whatsapp Work Faster

The Socio-App WhatsApp has turned out to be as an instant messaging platform for many & around 800 Million active users are experiencing the best of the App in their own ways.

This post is to help those who are facing intermittent issues like the App taking more time to load or taking an inadequate time to send and receive messages.

There could be multiple reasons for the Apps intermittent misbehavior. Below are the facts and solutions which could resolve Whatsapp issues and make your App faster without any technical issues.

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2. Clear Cache:-

With so much activity of sharing texts & other messages back & forth on a daily basis, a lot of data gets stored on the phone temporarily. This will use your device’s RAM and make the processing slower. So clearing this Cache off from the phone will be really helpful to pace up the App’s functionality all the time.

How to clear caches:-

Open the Settings option on your device then select manage application then select Whatsapp in the list there you can find clear data option in the middle of the screen Hit it & that will clear off all the junks and cache which is affecting the performance of the App.

Note: – If you clear this cache memory, then it will remove and clear off all your chat history from your interface leaving no trace behind.



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