How To Switch Phones [SD-Card Enabled] Without Losing WhatsApp History


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How To Switch Phones [SD-Card Enabled] Without Losing WhatsApp History

When you switch over phones often there are chances that you may lose all your Whatsapp chat history from your earlier phone and most of them don’t have an idea on how to back up the entire chat contents of whatsapp before even switching it. This post is especially dedicated to all those techno-freaks.
As the title clearly says that this is possible only on the phones which is having the SD-Card feature, where all you need to do is just open your Whatsapp and tap the three dots (Menu) which is on top of the right side corner, navigate to Settings then tap chat settings then select the option backup conversations.

Download ES File Explorer app for your mobile and install it, once it is done then go to the app and make sure it is showing as sdcard on the top. Now go to Whatsapp folder where you will now be able to see the Database folder. You just need to move it to your MicroSD card by long pressing it and then click on more option on the right side bottom of the screen. Next , select “ Move to “ tab there you need to click the back arrow on the top of the window and then select sdcard1 and movie it at your desired location.

Move the SD card to new phone and during the installation process Whatsapp will automatically find your backup and ask you if you would like to restore it. Once restored it will bring back your old chats and it will start appearing on your new whatsApp interface.

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