Schedule Your SMS, Emails, Tweets & Facebook Posts on Android


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Schedule Your SMS Emails Tweets & Facebook Posts on Android

In Today’s Era, where the current generation is just leading and living under a Mechanical Life who have gradually started to forget to even wish their beloved one’s on their Birthday’s or scheduling their tasks and completing it on time etc have just totally outnumbered now .

Thus, Introducing an App to all those who fall short of time and can really bring a smile on their beloved’s face by seeing the person’s wishes or message vide various mediums on their birthday’s or it maybe any occasion.

This Schemes app is very simple and lets you schedule four types of communication systems i.e Text Message, Emails, Tweets and Facebook Posts. The app is very simple and extremely user friendly.

Install Schemes from Google Play Store (Click the link to go to Google Play Store). Once you have installed it and open it you will get a welcome screen next you have to login with your Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts next press the next button. If you don’t want to connect to any account simple you can skip the process.

After completing the initial process then you will be taken to the messages list which will be empty as you have not added anything yet. Tap the blue bar at the top to compose a new message and a new pop up screen will get opened.

Note if you are not logged on to Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, there will be only one option available and that would be just the SMS ( Short Message Service ) .
Now all you have to do is select the communication medium whether it is SMS, Tweets, Facebook or Gmail. Once you have selected the way of communication as;
1. SMS you need to type the name to whom you need to send and then type the text in the field box , click on set the time option and a pop up window will open up to set the time and even the date can be chosen the same way. Once you have added the message, it will be previewed on the main screen and it will disappear from there once it is sent at the scheduled time and date.
2. Gmail also has the same sort of procedure where instead of the name you need to type his / her mail id to whom you need to send the email on the scheduled date / time.
3. Facebook isn’t getting along with the App for many but you may try it on your handheld and other devices and check if it works well or not as many of them acknowledged that it isn’t supporting the app like it does for the other apps .
4. If you are going to post it on Twitter then you need to compose the message on the text field whatever you want to be tweeted, but if you want to tag someone on the tweet then you need add the special character “ @ ” prior to their twitter username for example : @arunz_kumar on the text field alongwith the message after that you got to follow the same process to schedule the tweet as mentioned for SMS service .
There is also a Show Notifications option but it would be “ unchecked “ by default. As it will notify you whenever your scheduled SMS, tweets or emails are sent and gets delivered. If you want to enable it tap the three dots icon and go to settings where you will find the option Show notifications under General & just enable it by tapping the checkbox.

Cheers 🙂 😉

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