WhatsApp Web – A New Makeover Lets You Change Profile Pic & More


WhatsApp Web – A New Makeover Lets You Change Profile Pic & More, WhatsApp Web New Updates Lest you change Profile Photo, How to archive WhatsApp chat conversation, How to Archive chat conversation on Whatsapp Web,

WhatsApp Web – A New Makeover Lets You Change Profile Pic & More

Since the launch of WhatsApp Web there are no significant features as it’s used to be on the handheld devices. Now after a long wait the WhatsApp Web gets a makeover update which actually does the same thing as done on the mobile devices . This update will now allow users to manage their conversations easily from the browser version without the use of their phone.

With the new update WhatsApp Web users will experience more options like editing their profile pictures and status messages and then this web interface allows users to archive their chat conversation and delete them as well.

Now you can archive group conversation , you can mute and exit the group similar like on its mobile app version. There are two ways to archive the chat or group conversations. First one is in the home page place your mouse under last chat conversation time there you can see a down arrow , click it and you will get three option as Archive and Delete for chat. Group will have extra Mute and exit group options in the list. Second option is to click the group or person’s chat you want to archive then on the top right corner you can see three dots in the drop down list you can find the Archive chat and the same is applicable for group as well.

Finally the contact and group info gets a new big red button to delete chats or exit group.

And you don’t need to do anything to get this updates and it is server-triggered , so all you need to do is simply launch the WhatsApp web on your browser and enjoy the new features.

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