How To Unblock Websites


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How To Unblock Websites

Every Internet users has his / her rights to browse and surf everything across the web. If Technology could create rules, then the same technology can be used to break them too.

Now all the desperate users of web, especially in India are unable to get access to their private websites due to some unknown reasons & they all want to get over it and get themselves unblocked off it. So, here we will showcase how to do that which will help you to browse through it within just a few clicks.

To unblock the blocked websites all you need to do is download ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock. It’s an available as extension and as apps for Android as well.

Click here for Google Chrome Extension
Click here for Mozilla Extension
Click here for Opera Extension
Click here for Android App from Google Play Store

• Total Security & Privacy:

Encrypts and secures all your browser traffic. ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN gives protection for you and your browser whether you’re at home, on the go or using public WiFi. Easy as a proxy but way more secure.

• Complete Freedom:

Unblock the internet with all its sites and hide your IP by changing your location using our VPN. Choose from 5 countries across the world.

• Great Speed:

Experience maximum possible browsing speed and surf the web without limitations for free.

Once you have downloaded it, Install it and click Activate. That’s it you are done and now you can view and enjoy the website which is blocked.

Happy Surfing 😉

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