Prioritize Unread & Important Mails On Gmail


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Prioritize Unread & Important Mails On Gmail

In this post we will showcase on how can an unread & important mail be prioritized which will be made visible on top of your inbox page without using any extension, plugin, apps or any tool.

This one will be more helpful for those who are using Gmail on their primary email client at their work place and looking to have visual reminders on their inbox for the important ones. It is very easy to do so and prioritize using the readily available option on the Gmail inbox settings page.

How To Prioritize Your Unread & Important Mails On Gmail:-

• First of all you need to login to your Gmail account.
• Click the settings icon on the right top corner.
• Go to Inbox tab which will be after Labels in the settings page.
• Now in the Inbox type select “Priority Inbox “.
• Select the inbox sections 2 as “ Starred “ and 3 as which one you prefer or else you can leave.

That’s it & you are done. Now you can just relax yourself and ensure that you won’t miss any of your follow-ups which have already been taken care.

Screenshot is for your reference:-

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