Syncing Bookmarks On UC Browser


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Syncing Bookmarks On UC Browser

When there are many more browsers like Chrome and Firefox is available still many prefer to use the UC Browser which reduces their data usage as we are living in a very data constraint region of the world.

Recently this question was raised when a Facebook user was looking to sync his bookmarks on UC Browser and restore it on his newly purchased handheld device. So, the below given procedure was followed and it worked out successfully. Sharing the information for knowledge purpose.

Syncing Bookmarks On UC Browser:-

Step 1:- Open your UC Browser
Step 2:- Now tap menu icon which having three line symbol as a icon.
Step 3:- Then tap on Bookmarks / History on the list.
Step 4:- Now you can find Sync option on the bottom of the screen.
Step 5:- Tap Sync and sign in using UC browser account or Facebook or Google.

Screenshot is for your reference:-

That’s it and you are done and your device is now synced with all bookmarks now. Now if you need to use the bookmark in your new mobile or other devices like PC you can just login to the synced account and use it.

There is also another way you need to follow first three steps which is mentioned above and after that now you need to tap on Import / Export Bookmarks icon which will be on the top right corner of the screen.

Then tap Export to backup file which will in the list then click ok. That’s all and you are done and the backup will be stored in your SD card you can import by click Import from backup file following same steps.

Screenshot is for your reference:-

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