Lenovo A6000 Plus – Contacts Not Syncing & Heating Issue Fix


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Lenovo A6000 Plus - Contacts Syncing & Heating Issue Fix

Recently Lenovo has released much awaited Lollipop updates to its users a few days back. Even though the users are upgrading successfully many users are facing issues in Whatsapp , where it is unable to detect any contacts that are already available in their contacts and it’s heating up very often as well.

Even if the user tries to add the same as a new contact, it will not get added up and will get displayed only as a number. So, there is only one solution to fix this issue as of now and we will showcase it in this post.

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The only solution to fix this issue is the factory reset of your phone and it will get automatically fixed. But , ensure that before doing a factory reset move all your photos, audio, videos to your Micro SDcard and send all your apps to your friend via Xender or Shareit and then reset your device or else for sure it’ll be lost forever. Make sure your contact is synced with Google account to backup all your contacts.

How to Factory reset your device:-

Step1:- Open Settings App
Step 2:- Tap Backup & Reset under Personal
Step 3:- Tap Factory data reset under Personal Data
Step 4:- Now click reset phone.

That’s it, now after completing the factory reset your device will start freshly and then once again install Whatsapp application and it will show all your contacts correctly and the same way as it was earlier and the heating up issue will also be fixed permanently on your device.

Screenshot is for your reference:-

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