Sync Your Entire Music Collection in Music App on Windows 10


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Sync Your Entire Music Collection in Music App on Windows 10

Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS) Windows 10 came with quite impressive Music app/ player which will be much usual for the users to sync their music collection in the Music app / player.

Unlike old days where we need to navigate the song folder and select the player or navigate the album from their driver to play the music, but the users can now add their entire music collections into the latest Music app / player in Windows 10.

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It’s same much like our mobile music player where all the songs will get synced and shown in the player. In mobile music player it will automatically sync, but here we need to do one thing to make it happen manually by adding the exact folder where all your music collections are located. Here we will showcase how to do that.

Add Your Entire Music Collection in Music App on Windows 10:-

Step 1:- Open the Windows 10 New Music App.
Step 2:- Now click “Albums” options which will be the first option on the left side of the screen.
Step 3:- There you can find “Change where we look” option which will be the first or second option after Shuffle all, Filter, Sort by and Select section.
Step 4:- Now click Add symbol which will be the first option.
Step 5:- Select the folder where your entire collection is located and then click done.

That’s it and you are done and it will take some time to scan and add the music collection in the app based on the folder size. Once it gets synced you can find all the music by Albums or artists wise. Enjoy the music 🙂

Below screenshot is for your reference:-

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