Hike Launches File Sharing With Friends Without Internet


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Hike Launches File Sharing With Friends Without Internet

The Indian company’s instant messaging app Hike introduced new Hike Direct which will allow users to chat, exchange stickers, and transfer any type of heavy files without the internet.

Seems like the instant messaging platform Hike is on a roll, last month the company unveiled free group calling by connecting up to 100 people at the same time on the Hike Android app and now launched a new feature called “ Hike Direct “ where the users can transfer heavy files without internet connection.

As per the companies statement, Hike Direct allows the handheld device to connect to another device directly within a 100-meter radius completely bypassing the telecom networks.

Once it is connected, the user can share any type of files like the file sharing apps Xender and ShareIt. The transfers will happen directly with a speed of up to 40 MBPS, without any data charges.

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This will be much more helpful for the lower specs mobile phone users where they can use this app for chatting and sharing files instead of having different apps.

How to use Hike Direct:-

Step 1:- Open Hike app then start a conversation with a friend to whom you want to share file or chat.
Step 2:- Tap on the three dots icon which will be at the end of the top right corner.
Step 3:- Hike will automatically pair up with the other phone and it will let the user chat and share files with the connected friend without internet.

Android users can get this feature by upgrading to the latest version of Hike 4.0.6 from Google Play Store. Hike Direct on iOS and Windows to release by next year.

Screenshots is for your reference:-

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