Doze App To Improve Smart Phones Battery Life


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Doze App To Improve Smart Phones Battery Life

In smartphones, battery life is already a cause for concern among a lot of heavy users. Battery life is depending on what are all the apps the user use and how long they use it.

The most awakening thing in a smartphone is when you are not using the phone for a long time or you are checking the battery status after waking up it will be reduced much higher than the last times you saw the battery. The reason is due to the background running apps and which applications you allow running in the background.

Android Marshmallow introduced a new feature called “ Doze “ which helps to improve the battery life when the mobile is locked. This app is fully automated and you can’t decide when to turn it on or turn it off. The only thing you can do is exclude few apps from this application.

A user who is all using Lollipop version or an earlier version of Android can now get Doze “ (click the name to download) on their handheld device from Google Play Store as now it is available free of cost. The application is really smaller than 2 MB size and requires Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher to work, although the power saving feature will apparently work only with the two Lollipop versions.

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Unlike Marshmallow’s Doze app this Doze app from YirgaLab will be activated immediately when the phone goes into sleep mode rather than waiting for the phone to be idle.

Once downloaded install the app and run it. The app will turn on automatically and it lets you whitelist apps you want to run in the background when your handset enters Doze mode.

Doze is a very neat and clean app to save your battery life.

Screenshot is for your perusal:-

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