3 Best Torrent Apps For Android Users


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3 Best Torrent Apps For Android Users

In day to day life Torrents plays a big part when it comes to downloading software, movies, games and other files. As we are living in the age of Smartphone, now we can do it all right from our respective smartphone or tablet device and let’s take a look at the 3 best android apps for downloading torrent.

1. Flud

Flud is simply yet powerful torrent app which has enormous feature list and especially this good in privacy-related features. Comparatively, it is better than the famous Utorrent and Bittorrent clients. This App comes with no speed limits for uploads or downloads, recognize Magnets from the browser and large file support.

You can download the torrent file to your device and add it to the app or else you can tap on the magnet icon from the site where you are going to download and it will directly take you to add to download page.

2. TTorrent

This is one of my favorite torrent clients for android, I personally use it for downloading torrents in my handheld device. TTorrent is much like Flud and it is a full-featured torrent Android app.

You can add a torrent basically by download .torrent files in your mobile and it will automatically open with the application. You can also add torrent directly with magnet link.

How to TTorrent Android App Screenshot

3. UTorrent

It is one of the commonly used Torrent clients in PC and it also has an android version. This app cover the basics with unlimited download speed and file sizes, torrent search and configurable upload and download limits a Wi-Fi-only mode.

You can add torrent either by searching the torrent using inbuilt search option or you can directly add / enter a torrent URL to download.

How to UTorrent Android App Screenshot

There are several other apps for downloading torrent like Atorrent, BitTorrent. Lets us know the best alternatives in the comment section, which is your personal favourite.

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