How To Install utorrent without Administer Permission


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How To Install utorrent without Admin Permission

Installing software in a PC is generally easy and does not require administrative privileges until and unless it is protected by the administrator.

Peoples using the internet in office, college, and school want to download movies, songs, software or games in the torrent, but they don’t have access to administer account cannot able to install Utorrent in the system as it will be password protect. Here we will showcase two ways to use utorrent without admin.

Process 1:-

  1. Download Utorrent file.
  2. Now create a new folder on the desktop.
  3. Copy and paste the new utorrent exe file in the new folder.
  4. Then create new text document by right click the mouse and then select New after that select “ New text document “.

5. Next open that new text document then goes to File and then select Save As option after that select “ All files “ in Save as type.
Now name the file as “ Settings.dat “.

6. Open the utorrent exe file and now it will run without installing it.

Note this (Process 1) is a temporary solution. Once you lock or restart the system then it will ask for admin access to install it and then you need to give a no to install, after that you need to do the above-mentioned step again whenever you restart.

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Process 2:-

This process is very much simple and all you have to do is uTorrent Portable (click the name to download). Then install it and it won’t require admin permission to install. That’s all you are done now use utrorrent portable version to download what everything you wish to download.

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