How To Save A Separate PDF Page in New PDF


How To Save A Separate PDF Page in New PDF, How To Save A certain PDF Page in New PDF, How To Cut A Separate PDF Page and Save it as New PDF, How to extract a separate PDF page,

How To Save A Separate PDF in New PDF Screenshot

Sometimes you don’t need everything which is in the PDF nor it may be a big file and you might want only a few pages in that big PDF file. Most peoples are unaware of how to save a separate page from a long PDF as a new PDF.

It is a pretty simple process and in this post, we will showcase how to extract certain pages of a PDF file into a separate file.

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Step 1:- Open the PDF file which you want to extract page from
Step 2:- Now select “ Print “ button or press CTRL + P to open print.

Step 4:- Then select Printer option as “ CutePDF Writer “

Step 5:- Select Pages option under Pages to Print and then enter the page number you want to extract.

Step 6:- Now select “ Print “, next type the file name and save it.

That’s it you are have converted the separate page as a new PDF file.

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