3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage on Android


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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage on Android

We are still living in a world where all of us are tied up with restricted data usage of 1 GB or to the max 2 GB per month. The data plan we apply will have vanished in no time.

Many of us won’t know how and where it goes and most of us want to restrict / reduce the data using on Android, but don’t know how to reduce it and it this post we will showcase how to reduce the mobile data usage to almost half in just a few steps.

1. Shrink Browsing Data Usage

If you are more into browsing than chit-chatting in apps with friends and if you are using Google Chrome for all your web browsing then this tips will help you to save your data up to 30%.

The Data Saver option compresses web pages before loading them in your Chrome browser, significantly reducing the download size. Using Data Saver will slow the things a little bit, but that little bit delay is worth it as you get a much longer data life.

Open your Chrome browser -> click on three dots icon -> then tap on “ Settings “ -> next tap on “ Data Saver “ option -> now “ On “ data saver. That’s it you done.

2. Get Rid of Facebook’s Data Eating

It’s well known that Facebook is one of the biggest data eating app in Android. Its high resource use will drain the battery more and even Facebook Lite which is said to reduce data traffic by 50 percent yet eats hundreds of MB in a month.

There are many alternative apps which is also eating the mobile data much like the Official Facebook app. The app called “ Tinfoil for Facebook “ (Click the name to go to this app download page) will simplify the Facebook look like a web app and it will be used almost 75% percent fewer data than the Official Facebook app.

If you are a regular Facebook user but want to reduce your mobile data usage, at the same time you need to use Facebook as well means you must try this app.

3. Restrict Background Data

If you are a minimal chit-chat and browser, but still don’t know where some of the MB goes means that because of the background data. It’s alright for us if Android OS or an app to use data when you are using it, but when it happens in the background then it’s wastage of data.

How to Restrict Background Data Usage

Step 1:- Tap on the “ Settings “ option.
Step 2:- Then tap on “ Data Usage “ or “ Data traffic management “ option which will be next to Bluetooth (Option name might vary in few phones).
Step 3:- Next tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner.
Step 4:- Now tap on “ Restrict Background Data “ option (On most of the devices, the Restrict background data may not be in the same location).

How do you manage to reduce your mobile date usage, any other great tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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