How to Backup Selective Folder in Google Photos


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How to Backup Selective Folder in Google Photos

As you probably know, Google is more than willing to help peoples by keeping all your pictures safe with the automatic syncing / backing up all your photos in Google Photos app. This application offers unlimited photo storage and the backup function is easy to set up.

Many of us use only the gallery which is the default gallery in the handheld device. If you’ve Auto Backup enabled in Google Photos and when we see Google Photos after a quite long time we’ll be able to see camera images and lot of wanted images like Whatsapp images & videos has been backed up in the Google Photos which will look like a big mess with lot of nasty & unwanted pictures from various Social networkers.

Many peoples want to know that how to backup a separate folder instead of backing up all the photos and videos, if you’re one of them means you’re in a right place as we’ll showcase how to do so in this post.

Backup Selective Folder in Google Photos:-

Step 1:- Open “ Google Photos “ application.
Step 2:- Then swipe navigation drawer by swiping the left side screen.
Step 3:- Next tap on “ Settings “ option.

Step 4:- Select “ Backup & Sync “ option which will be the first option.

Step 5:- It will take you to Backup page there you can find “ Choose folders to backup “ option under Backup settings.

Step 6:- Now you will find a list of folders which is on your handheld device, tap it to enable / disable it.

If you want only your Camera folder to be backed up then disable all other folders in the given list.

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