Whatsapp New Updates Brings Format Text, Reply button in Notification & More


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Whatsapp New Updates Brings Format Text

The Socio-App WhatsApp updated with lots of new feature in its latest version 2.12.561 which is having more interesting features than the previous updates. In version 2.12.561 of the app, we get a new reply button in the notification, multiple selections, and actions on contacts and groups and text formats like Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough.

Quick Reply from Notification in WhatsApp

WhatsApp notification has received a minor change in the latest updates that quick reply to a WhatsApp message without even opening up the app and also the entire conversation.

The new notification now shows a “ Reply “ button that opens WhatsApp new message with a popup which will showcase the senders latest message including text box, emoji panel, voice message option and close option and view option as well (which will open the full conversation).

Format Text in WhatsApp

For the first time, you can now format text WhatsApp message as Bold, Italics or Strike. To use bold text all you need to do is put the bold text which you want to bold *between asterisks*, for italics _between underscores_ and to strike through the text you need to put ~between tilde~.

Note that the receive need to have the latest version 2.12.561 of WhatsApp to see the same in the sent format text or else the same will be displayed as normal text.

Format Text in WhatsApp SS1

Multiple Contact Selection Option

The new version comes with multiple select of chats and groups with the option of mute, archive, read, and unread. Only show the common actions between all possible ones on the different conversations selected.

This Whatsapp update will roll out gradually. But if you are desperately want to get these feature you can download the updates from APK mirror (by clicking the name you can go to download page).

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