How to Fix Error Code – 19 on Google Play Store


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How to Fix Error Code – 19 on Google Play Store

If you are one of them who is facing a wired issue like the downloading application is not getting installed on your handheld device then you are in a right place as we will showcase how to resolve this issue in this post.

When the downloading is over and the installation process is starting you will get this error message that “ This app can’t be installed in the device’s default install location. Review your device’s storage and try again Error Code: – 19 “ then this is storage location issue.

How to Fix Error Code – 19 on Google Play Store:-

If you have an SD card in your device all you need to do is change the default install location from Internal memory to SD card.

Solution 1:- Change Default Storage Location

Go to “ Settings “ then select “ Storage “ option next tap on “ Default location “ and then select SD card as default or if you have SD card as default already then change it to Internal memory.

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Settings -> Storage -> Default Location -> Select SD card as default.

Solution 2:- Move the apps from installed location.

Go to “ Settings “ then select “ Apps or Manage Apps “ option next tap on the app you want to move and then tap on “ Move to SD Card / phone “.

Settings -> Apps / Manage Apps -> Tap on the respective app -> Move to SD Card / phone.

If you don’t have an SD card installed and have an internal memory with sufficient space, but till you face “ Application cannot be installed in the default install location “ issue then it is due to the large apps or games storage.

Head to “ Storage “ and check the storage space available in the system. Your system may have some amount for example 9.92 GB approx available, but that’s not the partition where the apps are installed. Apps installing area will be restricted to some amount i.e 1.97 GB approx so reduce the apps / games stored in your handheld device which will help to fix this issue.

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