How to Fix Mediaserver Battery Draining Issue


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How to Fix Mediaserver Battery Draining Issue

Many of the Android / CyanogenMod OS users facing issues that the huge amount of battery is getting drained by the Mediaserver and if you are one of them means you are in the right place as we will showcase how to fix the same in this post.

What Mediaserver is doing?

Mediaserver scans all the available media files i.e photos, videos, music & etc..and then index them, so that they don’t have to do the repetitive tasks. Mediserver is designed to reduce disk I/O for providing faster response, but the battery drain issue of Mediaserver is a real pain as it takes most of the charge in no time.

Go to Settings and Battery and check whether Mediasever is consuming most battery then follow below-given solutions which might help you.

How to Fix Mediaserver Battery Draining Issue:-

Solution 1:- Clean Media Storage

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Step 1:- Open the “ Settings “ and then tap on “ Apps / Applications “.
Step 2:- Now tap on “ Media Storage “ and then tap on “ Clear Data “ and “ Force Stop

Now reboot the device.

Solution 2:- Format or Change the SDcard

For some people’s formatting, the SDcard fixed the issue or else you may try another SD card with less storage capacity.

Solution 3:- Delete mkv and flv files

Delete the unsupported files like .mkv, .flv on phone memory and SDcard.

Solution 4:- Remove unwanted media files
Remove unwanted media files i.e thumbnail files. Android gallery creates too many of thumbnails which later becomes problematic for media scanner so deleting the thumbnails will resolve the issue.

Step 1: Head to ES File Explorer (If you have any other file managers use it or else download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store).
Step 2:- Navigate to “ /sdcard/DCIM/.thumbnails “ folder and then delete all the files.

Let us know if you’ve any other methods to fix this Mediasever battery draining issue in the comment section below.

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