How to Enable Find My Phone & Lock the Stolen Phone on Android


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How to Enable Find My Phone Lock the Stolen Phone on Android

A few years ago if you lost your phone then that’s it, it’s over. You needed to start again with a whole new device and there were no hopes of getting your old device back.

Last year Google has come with adapted idea with “ Android Device Manager “ which will help the Android users to locate their missing device. If you somehow lost your Android device or it’s stolen, you can now track the device down as long as the software is set up properly in your device.

Android Device Manager uses your GPS technology to locate the device and also offers the ability to ring your phone for 5 minutes, lock the mobile phone and even wipe the entire phone.

But none of these features are enabled unless you set it up properly so follow the below steps to make sure you’re protected.

How to enable find my Phone on your device:-

Step 1:- Head to “ Settings “ and tap on “ Accounts “ option.

Step 2:- Select “ Google “ in the list and then tap on “ Security “ option which will be next to Search & Now.

Step 3:- Next enable “ Remotely locate this device “ and “ Allow remote lock and erase “ option.

Step 4:- Now select “ Activate “ option in the activate device administrator.

How to ring & lock the device:-

Open this link in any browser and signing using your Gmail account, then it will connect to your device and if it is able to locate the device it will show the location where it was currently or else it will show location unavailable and last online date.

There you find three options and the first one is Ring where this option will help you to ring the device for five minutes at maximum volume and it will even work if the mobile phone is set to vibrate mode, but this is only helpful if the handheld device is in nearby place or else forgot about this option. Other to options are Lock and Erase.

Now you are safe. If your device falls down in your house or you’re pickpocketed while going out, you’ll be able to find where your device has got to.

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