How to Reset iOS 10 Lock Screen to iOS 9 Gesture


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How to Reset iOS 10 Lock Screen to iOS 9 Gesture

There are a lot of changes in the iOS 10, but the most immediate change you will notice is the change that happened on your handheld device’s lock screen. Since a long time we have used to unlock the iOS devices by swiping on the lock screen from left to right, but now the company has killed the Technic by introducing a brand new gesture for the lock screen.

Apple has replaced slide to unlock gesture with the press home button to unlock your device and it’ll surely take time for the users to get used to the new lock screen gesture.

If you have an iPhone which is running in iOS 10 you will find the change instantly when you pick-up and raise your hand handle device, your screen will automatically wake and display the time. And you can find a small lock icon showing at the top of the screen when the device is locked. In the new lock screen gesture, you need to place your finger on the home button to unlock.

Most of the users find this new gesture is annoying and look for the way to reset the lock screen gesture to iOS 9. If you’re one of them means then you’re in a right place as we’ll showcase how to do so in this post.

How to Go back to iOS 9 Lock Screen Gesture from iOS 10:-

Step 1:- First of all head to “ Settings “ and then tap on “ General “ option.

Step 2:- Scroll down and find “ Accessibility “, Open it.

Step 3:- In the Accessibility menu scroll down again and find “ Home Button “, Tap on it.

Step 4:- Now find “ Rest Finger to unlock “ option in the last and toggle it on to turn off iOS 10’s default lock screen gesture.

Thankfully, Apple has provided a way for users to revert the home button’s old behavior.

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