YouTube Go: How to get it and Things you can do


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YouTube Go Here is how to get it and Things you can do

Google unveiled a new app called “ YouTube Go “ which is specifically designed and developed with Indian users in mind. YouTube Go app will be launched in Indian first before a worldwide rollout.

Things you can do with YouTube Go:-

YouTube Go has added the same offline saving feature which is launched on YouTube a couple of years ago, but however, Google has taken things further and has added a sharing option.

The app also allows for local sharing with nearby users without using any data.Videos are shared via Wi-Fi direct and will only be viewable in the YouTube Go app. The saved videos will not be accessible via any other app.

This brand new app is designed to bring the power of video to mobile data users and more specifically for 2G data users.

YouTube Go app allows users get a quick preview of the video before they going to watch or take it offline. Users will also have the option of choosing the quality when streaming or saving a video. It will also show the amount of data the app requires before you decide to save the video or watch it.

How to get YouTube Go :-

Users can leave their mobile number or email id to sign up for the app on the website to get the app. But there’s no word mentioned on the site when the app will formally launch in India or elsewhere.

India or elsewhere.

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