How to Fix Battery Draining on One Plus 3


How to Fix Battery Draining on One Plus 3

The most talked flagship killer OnePlus 3 has been in the limelight for quite some time now for its specs, its affordable price tag.

A few of the One Plus 3 smartphone users have experienced a wired issue on their device whereas their phone will go from 100% to 90% in one hour when it is not used and locked.

Some users say that when they’re going to the office they kept their phone locked in their drawer and after 8 hours shift when they open the device it only has 20% to 30% battery life left even though it remain mainly unused throughout the day.

Find which app is draining your battery life under Settings > Battery. If Google Play Services app is draining your battery then that you’re in the right place as we will show how to get rid of it in this post.

Why is Google Play Services draining your battery?

Google Play Services Wakelock affects your ROM which causes battery draining. Google Play Services contains a System Update Service checker. But on custom ROM, updates come through the ROM maker and not from the Google. So the service does nothing but the update checks wake up the device and drain the battery.

Please find the simple steps to solve this annoying issue:-

Step 1:- Head to Settings and tap on Apps.
Step 2:- Next select Google Play Services in the list and select Storage.
Step 3:- Now tap on Manage Space and Clear all data.

Hope the above steps resolved your issue and if you’ve figured out any other methods to fix these bug let as known in the comment section below.

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