LeTv 13400mAh Power Bank Review


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LeTv 13400mah Power Bank Review

The Chinese manufacturing LeTv, which is also known as LeEco entered in India with Le 1 smartphone has also jumped into the accessories market.

Seems like LeTv is late to the party, but they have made sure that they come up with an impressive Power Bank.

The LeTv Power Bank has a nice golden, grey and black finish and it has a white texture finish. The variant with golden finish have a premium look, a solid build quality that you don’t expect in this price range in power banks.

It comes with 4 LG/ Panasonic high-density 3350mAh capacity batteries that take the total capacity 13,400mAh. The power bank comes in three different variant Silver, Gold, and Black.

LeTv 13400mah Power Bank Top

At the top, the LeTv has Micro USB slot for input, two USB type inputs, LED status indicator and as well as the power key.

There are 4 round LED lights that indicate remaining battery left; you can check the battery status anytime and you can long press the big round key (Power button) to start charging mode.

The key feature in this device is the power bank supports bi-directional Quick Charge QC 2.0 specification, which means you can charge the power bank at high speed and charge your smartphone at high speed as well.

The USB port with a flash icon is 12V 1.5A output mode that can charge the device rapidly. The another one is 5V 2.4A output mode which will automatically adjust the output current and ensure the stable charging for the device.

It takes around 4.5 hours to completely charge the 13,400 mAh power bank fully using a QC 2.0 charger.

While charging other devices, if your device supports QC 2.0 then you charge around 55% of the devices battery within 30 minutes. Yes, it works for Apple as well, but you must make sure you have the iPhone Lightning charger cable to charge your Apple device.


LeTv 13400 mAh Power Bank is currently available in Amazon.com for $24.99.


Overall, these LeTv Power Bank is highly recommended for the impressive build quality, quick charging, and the affordable price tag.

LeTv 13400mAh Power Bank


Build Quality




Charging Speed



  • Build Quality
  • Quick Charging
  • Battery Life
  • Charging Speed


  • Availability
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