How to Make Facebook Profile Private


How to Make Facebook Profile Private, How to Make Facebook Profile Visible only for friends,

How to Make Facebook Profile Private

Facebook is one of the most useful social networking sites for keeping in touch with your old friends, family, and any other peoples. But most of the peoples want to make their Facebook profile only visible for friends due to privacy reasons.

Fortunately, the social networking site has options to make your profile only visible to the peoples you want to see your profile. The process of the same is actually painless and in this post, we’ll showcase how to do so.

How to Make Facebook Profile Private:-

Who can see your stuff?

Log in to your Facebook account and in the top right, you will find a button to the right of your name, which will have a lock on it and three horizontal lines. Select it and then click “See More Settings” at the bottom.

Privacy Shortcut in Facebook

Under the privacy settings and tools, you can see ‘Who see my stuff?’. There you can find “Who can see your future posts?” click the edit button on the right. Then select “friends” from the drop-down menu to make the feature posts visible only to your Facebook friends.

Also you can select “Custom” option, the custom option will allow you to select specific options like ‘Don’t share with’, which mean you can pick a specific Facebook friends or friends you don’t wish to share your posts with. Else you can select “only me” if you want the posts to show only to yourself, but it’ll make no sense.

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Who can see your stuff in Facebook

Who can contact me?

In case if you no longer want to receive friend requests from unknown peoples, you can restrict that to “Friends of friends” can only send a friend request to you, by click edit button and select “Friends of friends” option in drop down.

Who can look me up?

You may want to limit who can view your Facebook profile. In that case, “Who can look me up?” will help you to customize your privacy.

Who can look me up in Facebook

Enable “Friends” option so that your friends can only able to find you up using your email address. The same option you can be specified in the phone number (If you provided one).

If you don’t want to your profile visible in searching engine i.e Google & Bing then simply un-tick the checkbox and it will shut your profile off from the searching engines.

Note that you can only able to do the above instruction in the Facebook web interface.

That’s it now go and enjoy your digital freedom.

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