How to Save Photos & Videos on Instagram


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How to Save Photos & Videos on Instagram

The social networking app Instagram has rapidly adding new features to the mobile app. The latest feature to the app is very useful change, and the new bookmarking feature that lets users save photos or videos for later viewing in a private tab.

Instagram is making the things a lot easier to mark posts you want to revisit with this latest feature, which allows you to privately save posts for later viewing.

This newly enabled feature might be helpful to all those who always love to view the photos or video often as sweet memories.

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If you are just keeping yourself busy or occupied most of the time, and don’t get time to watch stuffs on Instagram regularly, then this feature is specially made for you to bookmark the content and to view it later whenever the time could be spared for it.

How to use Save photos & videos on Instagram:-

First, all you need to do is update your Instagram app. Then, when you open your Instagram feed section, you will see all new Save button underneath the right side of a photo or video.

Save Feature in Instagram

You save things in the same way you like them by simply tap on the save button. It’ll be saved privately so your friends won’t be able to see which post is saved by you, and users are not notified if their post has been saved by someone else.

All your saved photos and videos appear together on the Saved tab, and removing them is as easy as save them.

Where can we find the Saved Posts on Instagram?

This is where users find it is a bit complicated that where the saved posts will be Saved, as there is no new tabs has been found in the home screen.

Save Tap on Instagram

Tap on the profile which is at the bottom of the screen and there you can find a new Saved tap which is next to photos of you tap.

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