Alternative Solution to transfer file from Google Pixel to Mac


Alternative Solution to transfer file from Google Pixel to Mac

Off lately lot of Google Pixel owner have been reporting an issue when transferring files from their MacBooks to Google Pixel using the stock USB-C to USB-A cable.

Some users have reported about the issue on XDA Developer forums, Reddit and also on Google’s Product Forums among other places.

What is the issue?

Unlike the earlier Google Pixel issues, this is not the device problem, but the issue is due to the Google’s age-old Android File Transfer software.

The Android File Transfer has not been updated since October 2012. This is a time before the USB Type-C standard was established. But the issue isn’t due to software alone, and the Google Pixel’s USB Type-C cable also seems to have a role in it.

The Odd thing is the Pixel’s USB Type-C cable to transfer files to other device works fine.

What is the solution?

As of now, Google hasn’t acknowledged the issue, nor there is any word on when the software will be updated. We hope Google looks into it. But there is an alternate solution for it.

Alternate Solution:

An alternative file transfer app called Handshaker does work with the Google Pixel. It’s a better program, hence you can switch to the Handshaker app.

If you are one of those facing the similar problem and have a solution, do let us know in the comment section below.

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