7 Ways to Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life


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7 Ways to Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

If your smartphone battery life doesn’t last long like as it had post unboxing period, then it’s time to follow the given steps to extract the maximum of your gadget’s power source.

Most of the smartphone users dream is to keep their gadget up and running all day without the need of its power cord, wherever they move around. Unfortunately, post few hours the device requires feeding electrically to keep it alive all day.

However, Here are the ways with which you can extend your smartphone’s battery life:-

1. Corner the Culprits:-

There are some power-hungry apps on the device that consumes a lot of power, which ultimately leads to unnecessary discharging, though not being used at all.

Tap on Settings > Battery, now check out which apps are consuming the maximum juice from your power source.

Battery Life

If you find power draining apps which you don’t use often or at all, then consider deleting them, or if your frequently used apps like Facebook, twitter etc consumes more power then switch to browser-based alternatives.

2. Use Alternative forever hungry Facebook app

If your Facebook app sucks a lot of power source from your device then try alternative apps like Facebook Lite, but I would recommend using “ Tinfoil for Facebook “ app. This app will simplify the Facebook look like a web app, and it will considerably use less power than the Official Facebook app.

Though many of the features may not be available as in the actual app, but it’s worth the try.

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3. Stop Auto-Sync Feature For Emails, Twitter, Facebook etc

Do you really need your device to keep syncing your emails & social networking apps each and every second?

Set your email and social networking apps to manual sync for the refresh frequency, and then your battery life will extend instantly by a significant amount.

Auto Sync

Once you see the difference of the same, try re-enabling important ones by possibly reducing the frequency.

4. Turn off unnecessary hardware

It’s really great that our smartphones have Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, LTE and NFC features, but does it make sense to keep it on all the time?

For example, share your location with apps like Uber makes sense. But when apps like OneDrive use it, that doesn’t make any sense to me.

The maximum battery sucker apps are those which uses GPS for monitoring your location. You can revoke apps’ access to location services, or set levels in Android to determine how much power they could use.

In Settings > Location, you can choose High accuracy when you need it, or Battery saving when you don’t.

No matter how much you love using WiFi and Bluetooth with your activity tracker, hands-free headset or wireless speaker. So whenever you don’t need the blue tooth & WiFi turn it off. This may save a huge amount of power of your device.

5. Cut Short The Apps running in the background

Multi-tasking is one powerful feature in the smartphone. It can kill the battery of the device in less than few hours because each and every app you use shares the device’s processor cycles.

Head to Settings > Apps and go to Running apps tab; there you will see a list of app that is currently running in the background. Tap on each one to see what they’re actually running for. Stop any apps that you don’t need running in the background all the time, but don’t close any system apps.

6. Reduce the screen brightness or use auto brightness

More than any other components display uses more battery life, that’s why smartphone include an auto-brightness feature to automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness.

auto brightnessThe auto-brightness mode will consume less power, but you’ll get even better results by turning your screen’s brightness down to the lowest setting that you can able to view without any issue and leaving it there.

Even if you don’t follow any other tips we provided and followed this one tip it will extend your smartphone’s battery life dramatically.

7. Shrink the Screen timeout

How much long your device’s screen stays awake after receiving the input counts here. So set your timeout to the shortest available time to 15 or 30 seconds.

Got any battery life improving tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comment section below. Your Feedback & Reviews will be helpful for others too.

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