How to Disable Annoying Power-intensive prompt on Honor Devices


How to Disable Annoying Power-intensive prompt on Honor, Turn off Annoying Power-intensive prompt, Disable Annoying Power intensive prompt on Honor,

How to Disable Annoying Power-intensive prompt on Honor Devices

The Honor devices have plenty of features in it and once of them the power-intensive application. It does a little over effect to warn the users about the apps that may be consuming too much battery.

We found it annoyingly prompting often times by referring apps we’re frequently using. Yes, of course, it’s good having the warning, but it begins to irk you and closing those apps.

Most of us just want to turn off those power-intensive prompt warning, and if you’re one of them, then this post is for you as we will showcase how to do so in this post.

Disable Annoying Power-intensive prompt on Honor:-

Step 1: – Open the “ Settings ” app.
Step 2: – Tap on “ Advanced Settings “.
Step 3: – Next tap on “ Battery Manager ” option.
Step 4: – Then tap on the “ Gear icon ”, which will locate in the upper right.
Step 5: Incase- Now Turn off “ Power-intensive prompt “.

Disable Annoying Power-intensive prompt on Honor
In case, if you feel that your battery is draining fast, and want to have a close look at which app is consuming much battery, Android already has an inbuilt tool to find the much battery usage.

You can find it by going into Settings then select Consumption level, and tap on the Software. There you can find which apps are using the most battery on your device.

Note that if you see an app you don’t use very often near the top of the list then you need to check it out. But if it’s something you’re using all the time app showing means then it makes sense that it will be at top, then nothing to be worried about.

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