Finally, YouTube App lets you rewind or forward video


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Finally YouTube App lets you rewind or forward video

Most users, who watch YouTube video like there is no tomorrow realized the app lacks rewind, and forward feature, which can boost their experience. The company has also realized the pain of the users and finally added the feature in its recent updates.

A new feature on the YouTube app is now letting users fast forward, or rewind videos by just double tapping on the video screen.

The new feature that seems to have appeared on both Android, and iOS versions of the app seems to have come either from a server side update, or for iOS via a recent update from the App Store.

YouTube forward option

How it works:-

Basically, if you want to go 10 seconds back or 10 seconds forward in whatever video you’re watching, you just have to double tap on the left or right side of the screen, respectively.

A double arrow appears on either side when you tap on the video to quick seek the content playing on the screen. This feature also works when the app in used in both portrait & landscape mode.

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YouTube rewind option

Google seems to be rolling it out slowly. You need to update the latest version of the YouTube app available for your device and region, and then see if it is included.

If you have been waiting to fast forward or rewind your videos with the use of one hand while using YouTube, then go on enjoy as your prayers have been answered as in the form of a new feature.

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