“Info / Tagline”, It Is – WhatsApp’s Status Feature


Bring back WhatsApp old Status, bring back WhatsApp text status, WhatsApp text status is now Info / Tagline,

Info Tagline It Is - WhatsApp’s Status Feature

The worldwide renowned application WhatsApp, which has over 1 billion+ users having mobile messaging service, which has abolished the old school fashion of text message i.e SMS, rolled out its new status update feature.

This feature almost has the same approach or concept as of the App called – Snapchat, and similar of its ability to take ‘Snaps’ based on the user’s mood, occasion of festivity around him/her and it disappears after 24 hours and allows the users to doodle on the photos, GIF’s or photo overlaid with drawings, emoji’s and a caption that could be added to the status on one’s individual WhatsApp profile.

This new status feature was replaced against the old classy simple text status. It’s been a couple of days since the new WhatsApp status update feature went live, and it has faced backlash and user’s disregard through the various social networking platforms and doesn’t seem to have a warm welcome among the users using WhatsApp app since the beginning.

“Info / Tagline”, It Is – WhatsApp’s Status Feature

Thus, after going through a rough phase of the latest feature update, the latest report says that, WhatsApp is bringing back the old status feature that allows users to update their status as a simple text message as it had been earlier, but coined a name to it as the “ Tagline “ for Windows & iOS and it has been named as “Info” for Android.

Wabetinfo, a Twitter account known for often leaks features from beta versions of chat apps, tweeted that the Tagline feature has already been added for Windows Phone 2.17.82 and WhatsApp beta for iOS As of now, the feature is kept hidden and the feature is expected in Android devices with soon as well.

Many of the users find as an unnecessary and complication, which will turn the chat app into a social network app, which is not actually required.

Anyway, there is no official confirmation from WhatsApp yet regarding the new “Info” feature and when this feature will be brought back into the app, users may get a sigh of relief and start loving the same old app.

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