Nokia 3310 officially returns as a modern classic


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Nokia 3310 officially returns as a modern classic

The MWC 2017 edition has two interesting elements. One is the return of the giant Nokia to the smartphone market and the return of the classic Nokia 3310.

Yes, the classic Nokia 3310 has been reborn in the modern age with the Sanke game!. Like it’s predecessor, the new device will also be called as Nokia 3310. The modern device doesn’t run Android, but it’s running in Nokia’s series 30+ software.

Nokia 3310 Specifications:-

The devices feature a curved 2.4-inch QCGA screen, a 2MP rear camera with LED flash, a headphone jack, dual-SIM support, FM Radio and an MP3 player. The new Nokia 3310 comes with 16 MB of Internal storage and it is expandable up to 32GB.

It lasts a month on standby mode.
Yes it has “Snake” game.

The standby time on the Nokia 3310 is 31 days, alongside a talk time of 22 hours from its 1200 mAh battery. The rest of the connectivity options include Bluetooth 3.0 (with SLAM) and micro USB v2.0.

Unlike the old Nokia 3310, the latest variant is a little smaller, thinner, and lighter all round. The modern variant also available in a lot more colorful this time, Warm Red (glossy), Dark Blue (matte), Yellow (glossy) and Grey (matte) shades.

Only sad thing is that the device only supports a 2G network on the GSM 900 and 1800 MHz bands. This will be a problem because the device won’t work on modern 4G only networks in US, European and India like Reliance Jio.

Nokia is planning to make the new Nokia 3310 available in Q2 this year for 49 euros ($52). Indian pricing is not yet announced officially, but as per the euro price, it will cost around Rs. 3,500 approx.

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