How to Manually Install Android O Developer Preview


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How to Manually Install Android O Developer Preview

Google has official announced its next update for its Operating System (OS) on March 21st. The company has unveiled the first developer builds for the next major update to Android. The Nougat successor, Android 8, dubbed as Android O.

In the announcement, Google released factory images for the first developer preview of the upcoming update.

Android O primarily will be focusing on better battery life and notifications. Google is not offering the O preview as part of the Android Beta program as of now.

Why doesn’t Android O release for Beta Program?

Earliest builds will have many things broken and packed with bugs, glitches. It is released for developers and not intended for daily or consumer use. This means the preview is probably not stable enough to be run on your main device.

When will Android O open up for Beta users?

When things are ready for regular users, Google will open up O for the Android Beta users.

If you still want to try it out, then you will need to manually install it; if O is compatible with your device.

Compatible Devices:

Like always the preview will only be work with selective devices. The Android O developer preview image is for the below-mentioned devices.

Pixel Devices – Pixel XL, Pixel and Pixel C.
Nexus Devices – Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus Player.

Any other Nexus or another brand devices will not support Android O.

Now before you jump and get ready to update. This process is not as easy as downloading an OTA, so you could also end up with a bricked device.

Download Files to Install Android O Developer Preview

Head over to Google’s developer page and download the flash image for your device.
Next, you’ll need to download the ADB tools and install the tool.

How to Manually Install Android O Developer Preview:-

Enable developer options

    • Backup your device and data, because everything will be wiped out.
    • Enable developer options, open the Settings app. Go to About Phone and tap the build number 7 times. The developer options will be enabled.
    • Go back to enable USB debugging, open the Settings app and go to Developer Options. Enable USB debugging.
    • Unlock the OEM on your device. Open the Settings app and go to Developer Options to enable OEM unlock.

Unlock the OEM

  • At this point, you should have the adb files installed on your system which is given in download files).
  • Turn off your device and reboot it into the fastboot mode. This is done by pressing the power button and volume button combination. If you don’t know how to do it, check it out over here.
  • Once you are in the fastboot mode, connect the device to your PC via a USB cable.
  • Open Command Prompt on your windows PC and terminal on Mac.
  • Type “adb fastboot oem unlock.” Command in the command prompt.
  • A prompt will ask if you want to unlock the bootloader, confirm. Use the volume keys to select an option.
Now we are coming to the main course installing Android O Preview
  • Extract the zipped file and navigate to the folder the factory image is in.
  • Hold down the Shift key and right-click in an empty area in the factory image folder. Then Select “Open Command Prompt here” from the menu.
  • Note still your device should be connected to your PC via a USB.
  • Run “ fastboot devices “ command in the command prompt and it will return a serial number of your device.
  • Next, run “ flash-all “ command.

It will now take roughly five or ten minutes for the phone to complete the process. As soon as the update is installed, your device will reboot.

That’s it, your device is now running the new Android O.

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