How to Delete WhatsApp Junk Photos in One Tap


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How to Delete WhatsApp Junk Photos in One Tap

If you’re using the Socio-App WhatsApp as your primary messenger for a while, you might be known the pain of deleting the downloaded photos from Gallery manually. It will be an issue if you don’t have a habit of routinely clearing your WhatsApp auto downloaded photos.

Now, in that case, you can do two things; one you can delete the entire WhatsApp media folder, but there might be some important photos. The second one you can either select the photos individually to delete them, but that could be very much time-consuming.

Recently we proceeded across an app, which could delete the undesired WhatsApp junk photos in a go. It’ll make things easier for you to delete the photos and why not have an application that will assist you in removing the WhatsApp junk photos.

What does this App do?

This app is basically a photo cleaner app that scans your WhatsApp folder for junk photos and deletes them. According to the developer, this app uses a self-made image recognition engine, which analyzes the content of an image to determine the value of the image.

The app does this by sending small hashes of the images to shift the database of images to identify. And then sort the photos as either normal photos or junk photos so for that you need an internet connection in order to clean.

Okay, let’s see how to use it:-

1. First head over to the Google Play Store and download & install “ Siftr Magic Cleaner “ app.
2. Open the Siftr Magic Cleaner app. Click the doctor icon to analyze and scan your device.
3. Once the scan is completed the app will ask if you would like to remove all the junk photos from your device.
4. You can go through and check whether any important photos are selected and if any important photos are selected uncheck it.
5. Now tap on the delete icon and the app will delete all the junk photos from your device.

how to use it Shifter Magic

Like WhatsApp junk cleaning the app can clean your gallery junk files as well. So overall Siftr Magic Cleaner is a useful tool to have if you are lazy to delete unwanted WhatsApp junks.

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