What to Expect from Apple in 2017


What to Expect from Apple in 2017

Here is what to expect from Apple in twenty seventeen. As this is going to be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and finally we can expect some major design changes this new iPhone, which should be coming in this September of 2017.

Let’s get started

1st of all, Design

We can at least expect a premium design with an all glass enclosure to remove the whole button altogether. Replacement of home button with a touch of the sensor that is integrated directly into the displays itself. May also included edge to edge screen display. It is expected to be having AMOLED curved display.

2nd Wireless Charging

There may be a very novel wireless charging ability set Apple has been working with emergency attack outfit that is developing a kind of wireless charging system.

Reports say that Apple currently has at least five different groups working on wireless charging technology.

3rd Refreshing New 10-inch iPad Pros

The new model Pros in the ten-inch range this will be replacing the current nine point seven.

The new Pro model may include an edge to edge display and refreshed and colonels which should be the first major design change to the art.

4th USB Type ‘C’

We would much prefer it if Apple did indeed adopt USB-C universally. Imagine the world where you only need one cable and one charger. That would be bliss.

Apple’s Home uptight Device

Finally the unexpected there have been rumors of a home uptight device similar to amazon’s echo. This would have serious aggression in the speaker it still not clear that this is coming or not, but if we do see something like this in 2017. It’s more likely that all commonly 2017 rather than earlier but that is what to expect from apple in 2017.

It’s along your head and how the rumors are started in your head. Comment below which one you wish to see in Apple in 2017.

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