WhatsApp Now Lets You Pin Your Favorite Chat to the Top


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WhatsApp Now Lets You Pin Your Favorite Chat to the Top

The Social networking app WhatsApp has become as primary messenger application for most of the Indian users.

If you are part of several groups on WhatsApp, then you might be aware of the pain we go through to keep track of the favorite conversation. The number of forwarding and good morning messages can often make it hard to keep track of the important messages.

Sometimes it becomes a task to hunt for chats or group on WhatsApp, the ones you come back too many times during the day.

So you are left scrolling up and down to find that conversation you need.

WhatsApp solves this by adding a Handy feature “Pinned Chats” in beta version 2.17.162 or 163 for Android. With this feature, you can select the chats, including groups, which you want to see on top whenever you open WhatsApp.

Using this feature you can only pin 3 chats after which you get a small notification message saying you cannot pin more.

So how can you pin chat to the top?

All you need to do is just long press on the chat and you get the all new pin icon in top bar next to the delete button. Once pinned the chat will stay on top of the list regardless of the recentness of the last message.

If you change your mind, you can unpin any of your three pinned chats anytime. In order to unpin, hold on the chat and you will see the unpin option on the top. Choose it and the chat will move down to the threats of chats.

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With this future, you can keep important threats like Family, Friends, and Office right on top without losing any conversation.

Remember this future has rolled out only to WhatsApp Android beta users. In order to get this feature, you need to be a beta user or you need WhatsApp beat 2. 17. 162 or 163, which you can find on APK mirror.

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