Top 5 Android Games 2017


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Top 5 Android Games 2017

We all know that consoles and computers are much better in terms of gaming compared to modern-day smartphones whether Android or iOS. But in general Android smartphones are capable of doing much more than allowing you to play temple run on your phone in 2017.

So in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best games that are available on Android today.

Top 5 Android Games 2017:-

Take Om Nom into a magical adventure in ZeptoLab’s delightful entry to the Cut The Rope series.This time, the journey to feed this creature its favorite type of candy grows difficult. And the game’s exciting new features add more variety.

Transform Om Nom into six different creatures to solve its over 160 plus puzzles and difficult boss fights.The game has over 960 million downloads and it’s considered as the most successful Cut The Rope Game to date.