Top 5 Android Games 2017


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Top 5 Android Games 2017

We all know that consoles and computers are much better in terms of gaming compared to modern-day smartphones whether Android or iOS. But in general Android smartphones are capable of doing much more than allowing you to play temple run on your phone in 2017.

So in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best games that are available on Android today.

Top 5 Android Games 2017:-

When it comes to mobile racing, you can never ignore Asphalt 8. It’s the frontrunner of racing games. It’s well known for realistic graphics, multiplayer and over 150 licensed cars! Could you imagine that for a mobile game?

It’s also packed with more than 400 racing events, 1000-plus car mastery challenges and a thousand more decal options! So experience mobile racing at its finest.


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