OnePlus 3, 3T Android 8.0 Oreo Overview


OnePlus 3, 3T Android 8.0 Oreo Overview

It has been nearly a month since the OnePlus 3, 3T received Android 8.0 Oreo through a closed beta program. Now, the company has made the Android 8.0 open beta ROM available for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T devices.

OnePlus has been taught us that they are one of the best OEM’s to deliver updates on time as promised. OnePlus’ has released the OxygenOS Open Beta 25 for the OnePlus 3 and Open Beta 16 for OnePlus 3T.

With this release, OnePlus has become as one of the first OEM to release Android Oreo for a device publicly in any form.

Apart from upgrading the OS to Oreo, it also brings September month security patch. Usually, the open beta release might not be stable. But in our use, each and every aspect of this ROM are more surprisingly working just fine.

Let’s break down what’s newly added in Android Oreo updates:-

• Android Oreo introduces visually-different Quick Settings design.

• Added Picture in Picture mode

PIP mode - Picture in Picture mode on OnePlus 3T OreoThe picture in Picture mode feature is basically a type of split screen window that should be particularly useful for watching videos by performing other tasks. As of now, this feature is only supported by YouTube and Chrome.

• Auto-fill

The autofill feature simply tries to help manage password and form better data than in previous versions. The autofill app stores and secure saves the data such as addresses, usernames and even passwords to assign autofill apps.

For instance, if you open Twitter and you want to sign in into your account. Now this will automatically show you the suggestion for your username once selected it will automatically fill the password.

• Smart text selection

This feature brings the ability to select texts, recognize it as an address, email ID or a contact number, and will show related options.

For example, if you select an address it will automatically show map app to search the address.

• Just like the stock Android Oreo that we saw in pixel devices. The swipe to app drawer gesture has been added to the launcher.

• Notification dots in launcher added

The Notification dots will basically allow the user to see notifications they have missed without pulling down the drop-down menu from the top.

• Redesigned Notification Shade

Notification shade is also redesigned as now you get four by three tiles.

It’s really great to see OnePlus’ dedication in updates and that the OnePlus 3 and 3T are still getting so much attention from the company, even after the OnePlus 5 has been released.

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