How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp


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How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp

The social networking app WhatsApp has rolled out a new location sharing feature. The latest feature lets you share your current location with your family and friends and vice versa in real-time.

This feature is available for both Android and iOS users. For Android users, WhatsApp uses Google Maps as the default map for sharing your live location, but on iOS, the default app is Apple Maps.

The feature is encrypted end to end to ensure users’ privacy and security, and it allows you to control who can see your location and when they can see it.

Like the Facebook, Messenger live share the WhatsApp live share also follows the same standard. You can pick a single or group conversation and share your location on WhatsApp for certain numbers of hours with them.

How to share live location on WhatsApp:-

1. To share Live Location on WhatsApp, start a chat with the person or group you would like to share your location with.
2. For Android, tap on the pin icon, which is next to the text input field. On iPhone, tap on the plus icon.
3. Now select Location from the menu. There you can find a new option “ Live Location “. Tap it.
4. The app will prompt you for permission to share your location real-time for the duration you choose. Tap on Continue.
5. The time limit for sharing can be set to 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.

Stop sharing location on WhatsApp:-

If you want to stop sharing your location before the timer expires, you can choose to do so at any time.

Stop Sharing Live on WhatsApp 1
To stop sharing your location all you need to do is just tap on the “Stop Sharing” button, confirm that you want to stop sharing and that’s it.

This feature is pretty useful if you have to meet someone.

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