Delta – Crypto Portfolio Tracker App Review


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Delta - Crypto Portfolio Tracker App Review

If you’re into the crypto world for some time you must have faced the issue of keeping track of your cryptocurrency trades, coin holdings, and profit and losses.

You need something solid than your excel sheets to quickly analyze your cryptocurrency portfolio and take a call on buying/selling.

Well, you might be searching for a good crypto portfolio tracker app and come across this app name called “Delta”. If so let’s dip into the review and check why Delta is one of the best apps out there on the market.

Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Review

Delta is a well-known app that seems to be gaining popularity lately. This app allowing you to keep a record of all of the transactions over time.

It has some benefits that other apps are lack of. This app combines all trades for each currency into one listing rather than displaying them separately.

Delta allows both manual and hassle-free API import of your trading up from exchanges. The free version only allows the users connect up to two exchanges. If you want to connect more exchanges in the sense you need become as a Pro member to connect unlimited exchanges.

What’s the big deal

Unlike other apps out there you can add transfer transactions to one exchange from another exchange. Also, you can keep track of the fees including BNB coin fees.

They also allow you to add unrecognized currencies which means you can keep track of ICO as you invest in. The graphs updates based on the date of transactions rather than the date that it was entered into.

This app allows you to sync portfolios across multiple devices on the free version of the app up to two devices. If you want to sync to more devices means you could become a Pro member to sync up to 5 devices.

Disparate to the other portfolio tracker’s Delta only required API keys read-only permission. If you try to provide the key with trading enabled it will throw a popup to provide read-only access to them.

Delta Desktop App Veiw

In the recent updates, Delta allows CSV file import on desktop option. If you’re the one who doesn’t feel secure to provide your API then this will be a better option for you.

Price alert feature also available in this app which can be used for your buying/selling actions.

It does have problems very rarely like the app has frozen and prevented me from adding new transactions several times.

On the whole, Delta is a very solid app and certainly does have a few more positives over the other apps out there in the market at the moment.




User Friendly







  • API Import
  • BNB Fee
  • CSV Import
  • Multi Device Sync


  • Frozen & Buggy sometimes
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