How to Use Continue Thread Feature On Twitter

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How to Create Continue Thread Feature On Twitter

A few months earlier Twitter rolled out a new feature called ” Continue Thread ” that makes it easier to thread multiple tweets together. This feature will conveniently let you add a new tweet to an old one in a thread.

For the people who were never happy with the 280 character limit and always wanted to write more and express more. They can now have the option to link their tweets.

Before this feature, we’ve to go back to the old tweet and then add a new tweet there to start a thread. This feature is only available in the mobile app only. 

You can also use this feature to add tweets to any of your existing tweets irrespective of the year and time it was tweeted.

How to create the continue thread feature on Twitter on Mobile:- 

1:- Tap on the compose icon. 

2:- Once you finish composing a tweet, swipe down.

How to create the continue thread feature on Twitter on Mobile

3:- Tap on “Continue thread” if you want to link your tweet with some other tweet than the most recent one.

4:- If you want to link some other tweet tap on three dots icon.

5:- Select the aspired tweet and click the Tweet button.

Although Twitter had provided an option to add a thread to the new tweets long ago we’ll showcase how to so as well. Creating a new thread is available in both mobile and web Twitter as well.

How to create a New Thread feature:- 

How to create a New Thread feature

Step 1:- Once you finished composing a tweet, you can find a ” Plus icon ” just before the Tweet button.

Step 2:- After you composed all the tweets in the thread, click the Tweet All button to tweet the thread.

This Continue Thread feature makes it more straightforward to connect a new tweet to a post from the past. Makes things much easier for the users to create topic threads.

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